«Corpus of Russian Inscriptions»

«Corpus of Russian Inscriptions» is created with the objective of preservation, systematization and dissemination of knowledge about the monumental epigraphy of Medieval Russia. All epigraphic monuments of Medieval Russia, both preserved and lost – but known by publications, handwritten notes, photos are subject for inclusion in the Corpus.

Epigraphic monuments are inscriptions on white-stone and ceramic plates, gravestones and crosses, wooden panels, walls of temples – epitaphs, patrimonial memorial tables, synodics, memorable records, poetic and sacred texts, inscriptions on the construction and painting of temples, as well as other inscriptions fixing memory of the fact, the person or event. 

«Corpus of Russian Inscriptions» is based mostly on epigraphic monuments of the XV-XVII centuries and, to a lesser extent, XI-XIV centuries. Among the monuments of the XVIII, only the inscriptions made in the tradition of Moscow Rus are included into the Corpus . The Corpus also includes inscriptions in Latin, Greek, German, Italian and Dutch languages performed within the territory of Russia during this period. Particular attention is paid to revealing of previously unknown epigraphic monuments.

The Corpus is formed, first of all, on the basis of materials of objective field documenting of epigraphic monuments. In this process, the field documenting and interpretation of the data are physically separated, which ensures the implementation of fundamental principles of scientific research:

– Elimination of errors in the collection of initial data.

– Possibility of independent verification of reading and interpretation of the inscription.

Both documenting and research of monuments is carried out with wide application of modern digital methods and technologies.

At the present stage the Corpus is formed in electronic version. Further printed publication summarizing results of researches is planned.

The database of epigraphic monuments replenished during creation of «Corpus of Russian Inscriptions» is the open resource, available to everyone interested in Russian epigraphy. Documentation (three-dimensional models of monuments in initial resolution and their derivatives) collected during formation of the Corpus , are provided to participating researchers for preparation of publications on separate subject matters – articles, monographs, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral works.

«Corpus of Russian Inscriptions» is created by research team of the Center of Epigraphic Studies of the Dmitry Pozharskiy University with the support of the Russian Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Science. Practical management of activities on the creation of the Corpus is carried out by Scientific and Technical Board.